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Upper Red Lake, on the edge of the Big Bog, is the remains of Lake Agassiz, a huge inland sea formed by the melting of Pleistocene Glacier. This large body of water has a history of producing some of the finest fishing in the nation.

Because of our fishing and gill netting, the lake suffered a collapse that closed sport fishing for walleye in 1999. Both native and non-natives rallied with an aggressive restocking program that could only be described as fantastically successful. This amazing recovery story is a testiment to the incredible productivity of a lake once considered "fished out". The fishable non-native area of the Red Lake complex is approximately 48,500 acres. The unspoiled wilderness surrounding Upper Red Lake ensures the water quality required to produce the famous "Red Lake walleye fillets".

Fish FryToday the area is seeing a revival of both tourists and businesses with several great resorts open and thriving.

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